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Plant Potion
Plant Potion


*INCREASES GROWTH RATE - faster production of stems, branches, leaves, roots, flowers and fruit.

*INCREASES PRODUCTION - grows more stems, branches, leaves, roots, flowers and fruit.

*PRODUCES stems, branches, leaves, roots, flowers and fruit that are bigger and more substantial.

*INTENSIFIES COLOUR - brighter, more luminous colouration of flowers, fruits and leaves.

*INCREASES the ability of plants to thrive in a wider range of conditions - more tolerance to heat, drought and extreme winter conditions.

Plant Potion MUST be diluted before use: 15 ml (1/2 oz.) to 4 Litres (1 Gallon) of water.

-WATER all indoor and outdoor plants once a month on soil surface with diluted Plant Potion.

-FOR SHRUBS OR TREES, water the soil surface with 4 Litres (1 Gallon) of diluted Plant Potion to cover its root system.

-PERENNIAL FLOWERS require 4 Litres (1 Gallon) of diluted Plant Potion per 1/2 square metre (5 square feet).

-FOR BEST RESULTS, spray diluted Plant Potion on the foliage (leaves) of all indoor and outdoor plants once a month. FOR INDOOR and small outdoor plants, use a clean trigger spray mist bottle. FOR LARGE OUTDOOR applications, such as garden, shrub and flowerbeds, use a liquid garden hose fertilizer container. Add 60-90 ml (2-3 oz) of undiluted Plant Potion Concentrate in the container and set the dial to the lowest setting. Spray all foliage.

Plant Potion is best used as part of a complete fertilizer program appropriate to the soil`s needs.

Plant Potion contains active soil ingredients that supply organisms with an optimal environment to grow and multiply. Plant Potion also contains an important variety of soil nutrients to promote healthy plant development.

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