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Bifidophilus Flora Force

Bifidophilus Flora Force provides billions of beneficial intestinal microorganisms that offer a whole range of health benefits. This product contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum plus two additional strains, L. casei and L. rhamnos  Product Details...



A common backyard herb, chickweed is often considered a weed. It provides one of the few sources of fresh seeds for birds in winter, and is a favorite in salads or as a cooked vegetable. In herbology it is used primarily to support the urinary and glandul  Product Details...



The silky tassel inside the corn husk is not often considered food, but it is highly valued in herbology to nutritionally support the urinary system. Cornsilk is one of the best natural remedies for bladder, kidney and prostate problems. It contains sil  Product Details...


Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate

Cranberry juice has become famous as a home remedy for the prevention of urinary tract infections, particularly in women. Nature’s Sunshine’s Cranberry and Buchu Concentrate uses a specially prepared concentrate of cranberry juice that provides all the go  Product Details...



Dandelion is one of the first wild plants to grow in Spring as an invitation to cleanse the system of any waste material and toxins accumulated during the long Winter. Although gardeners consider it a nuisance, herbalists consider the plant one of the mo  Product Details...



Hydrangea is an elegant shrub that nutritionally supports the urinary system. It enhances the elimination process especially in the urinary system and helps eliminate or aid in preventing the formation of kidney and bladder stones. It contains chromium,  Product Details...



A combination to nutritionally support the urinary system to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, and to increase the flow of urine.   Product Details...



K-C focuses on the elimination and redistribution of moisture in the body. It relieves pain and inflammation, especially in the joints and back, as well as reducing abdominal pressure and swelling in the breasts. It lessens the effects of problems in th  Product Details...



KB-C is a tonic for stress and aging. It focuses on strengthening the structure of the body. It rejuvenates and strengthens the bones (especially the spine), kidneys, connective tissues and sexual organs. This leads to sexual vitality and relief from f  Product Details...



Marshmallow in a herbal form might sound unusual to someone unfamiliar with herbology, but long before the white squishy balls were sitting on supermarket shelves, the plant was growing in marshes. The plant is a member of the Mallow family, which prefers  Product Details...



Parsley is the well-known sprig of green that sits, usually uneaten, on your plate at a restaurant. Its high chlorophyll content makes it a natural breath freshener, even for buffering the odour of garlic. It is a source of calcium, thiamine, riboflavin,  Product Details...



Parthenium contains sesquiterpene esters, which may support the immune system in its normal functions and the digestive and urinary systems. Parthenium purifies the blood, stimulates the immune system, promotes the healing of wounds, and helps treat fati  Product Details...



Potas is a herbal source of potassium, the main salt found in the intracellular fluid of humans. This salt is responsible for muscle control, iron balance in the tissues and acid/alkaline balance in the body. Potas assists in moving substances such as nut  Product Details...


Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is used primarily to support glandular tissues and balance the hormones. It is used to tone and stregthen the male reproductive system, promote prostate health and proper urinary flow, and may enhance sexual function and desire.   Product Details...


Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi, known as kinnikinnick to the Indians, is also known as mountain cranberry, and bearberry. The leaves contain an antiseptic substance known as arbutin, making it a helpful nutritional supplement for the urinary system. Uva ursi contains vitamin A  Product Details...


Wild Yam & Chaste Tree

Wild yam, not to be confused with the sweet potato, is widely used throughout the world today to nourish the female reproductive system. It also benefits the urinary, nervous and respiratory systems. In early American history it was commonly called colic  Product Details...


Yeast Fungal Detox

Microorganisms normally colonize our skin and other mucosal surfaces such as the intestinal tract. The majority of these organisms are beneficial and protective. However, if the population of friendly bacteria is somehow decreased, for example through t  Product Details...


Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock is found nearly worldwide. It was used during medieval times to heal blisters, boils, burns, scalds, skin raskes, and syphilitic lesions. Pioneers also used it to nutritionally support the urinary system. Yellow Dock can be used to cleanse an  Product Details...


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