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This combination is principally a decongestant and expectorant. By dilating bronchioles and increasing blood circulation, it restores deep breathing and strengthens the lungs. It also cleanses the lungs as well as cleans up the lymphathic system. It is  Product Details...



AL-J is an excellent respiratory formula for relieving sinus and upper respiratory congestion associated with allergies. It stimulates the production of mucosal fluids to remove allergens and other toxins, increases circulation and soothes inflamed tissu  Product Details...



Astragalus [Immune, Circulatory] root has been used to promote immune function and as a tonic to build stamina. Ancient Chinese texts record the use of astragalus for tonifying the spleen, blood and chi. Astragalus contains saponins, sterols, flavonoids,  Product Details...


Cat`s Claw Combination

Cat`s Claw is the key herb in this combination enhanced with astragalus and echinacea purpurea. It is used to cleanse and strengthen the immune, intestinal and structural systems of the body.  Product Details...



CBG combination nutritionally supports the immune system, which is especially important during times of seasonal change. CBG, formulated in a water and alcohol base with chickweed herb, black cohosh root, goldenseal root, valerian root, scullcap herb, Br  Product Details...


CC-A with Yerba Santa

CC-A with Yerba Santa has become a favorite liquid herbal combination to nutritionally support the immune and respiratory systems during times of stress, seasonal change and upset. It contains selenium, sodium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C from plant  Product Details...



Colostrum is a super-nutritional substance secreted by the mammary glands of nursing mammals. It contains immunoglobulins, specific antibodies and broad-based immune enhancers. Colostrum supports the immune system, aids in weight management and helps acce  Product Details...


Echinacea Purpurea

Echinacea purpurea is the Latin name for a herb native to the central and southwestern U.S.A. The plant, which also goes by the name purple cone flower, bears beautiful purple flowers resembling black-eyed susans. Although it prefers to grow in open field  Product Details...



Echinacea and Golden Seal are two of the most popular indigenous herbs of the West. That comes as no surprise given their reputation as supporters of the immune system. The Echinacea purpurea and angustifolia combination contains a host of beneficial act  Product Details...


Fenugreek & Thyme

Fenugreek and Thyme is a popular combination for nutritionally supporting the respiratory system. This combination is a natural source of iron, magnesium, silicon, sodium and thiamine. Fenugreek is also an excellent herbal source of selenium, an antioxida  Product Details...



*HistaBlock is a blend of Stinging Nettle with nutritional supplements to promote respiratory health and prevent allergic and inflammatory reactions.

*Stinging Nettle provides support against allergic rhinitis in hay fever sufferers.

*Quer  Product Details...



LH-C was developed to clear diseases of the respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and sinus infection. LH-C stimulates the immune system. As an adaptagen it increases the body`s stamina during times of weakness. It is a decongestant  Product Details...


Lobelia Extract

Lobelia is sometimes called Indian tobacco because the North American Indians smoked it for various benefits. It is one of the fastest-acting herbal antispasmodics known. Lobelia Extract contains 43-50% alcohol, glycerin and apple cider vinegar. It can  Product Details...



Marshmallow in a herbal form might sound unusual to someone unfamiliar with herbology, but long before the white squishy balls were sitting on supermarket shelves, the plant was growing in marshes. The plant is a member of the Mallow family, which prefers  Product Details...



MSM (methylsufonylmethane) occurs naturally in the form of non-metal dietary sulfur. Dietary sulfur is derived entirely from our diet, however, with soil depletion contents of sulfur in foods varies widely. MSM`s traditional benefits include helping to st  Product Details...



Mullein has become extremely popular as a treatment for coughs and inflamed mucous membrane lining the throat. Mullein contains mucilaginous substances which protect mucous membranes and prevent them from absorbing toxins. Mullein provides soothing reli  Product Details...



SN-X is an effective expectorant and decongestant formula. It does not cause drowsiness like many over-the-counter decongestants. This formula is used to clear sinus congestion, eliminate phlegmn, helps soothe lung and sinus inflammation, increases circu  Product Details...


Wild Yam & Chaste Tree

Wild yam, not to be confused with the sweet potato, is widely used throughout the world today to nourish the female reproductive system. It also benefits the urinary, nervous and respiratory systems. In early American history it was commonly called colic  Product Details...


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