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Blood Pressurex

Blood Pressurex contains a blend of natural ingredients that can help your body maintain blood pressure levels already within the normal range. Many supplements for hypertension target only one or two underlying functions. Blood Pressurex targets many und  Product Details...



BP-C enhances immunity and strengthens the liver by nourishing the blood and nurturing the Yin. It helps relieve agitation in the nervous system. Enhancement of blood circulation helps to resolve menstrual problems, high blood pressure, blood sugar and  Product Details...


Butcher`s Broom

Once used by butchers to clean their cutting boards, Butcher’s Broom has a long history of use in many cultures. It is a member of the lily family and native to southern and western Europe and the southern U.S.A. In folk history, the herb was taken to nut  Product Details...



Aptly described as the plant that bites back, Capsicum is a common condiment in some cultures. The plant grows in warm climates and is added to many herbal formulas as a catalyst for the other herbs. Its red colour is partly due to its high vitamin A (bet  Product Details...


Capsicum, Garlic & Parsley

Capsicum, Garlic and Parsley is a herbal combination that focuses its action primarily on the circulatory system by enhancing circulation and strengthening cardiovascular functions. It has also been used to normalize blood pressure, reduce blood choleste  Product Details...


CoQ10 with Minerals

Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10) is a vitamin-like nutrient that fuels the body’s cells with special benefits to the circulatory system. Much like a car engine burns fuel to produce energy, the body’s cells burn nutrients to produce body energy. Co-Q10 is the catal  Product Details...


Evening Primrose Oil

An excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). Evening primrose oil plays an important role in the formation of prostaglandins—a hormone-like substance that is involved in a variety of physiological functions which are especially vital for women.   Product Details...


Flax Seed Oil

Our bodies do need fat, but not just any fat. What they need most of all are essential fatty acids found in high concentration in the brain where they aid in the transmission of nerve impulses and are needed for the normal development and functioning of t  Product Details...


Focus ATN

Focus ATN provides nutrients that are essential for normal brain-stimulation levels while supporting blood circulation and neurotransmitters in the brain. This special formulation helps protect the body from exposure to toxic chemicals, food additives, pe  Product Details...


Formula CR II

If you`re concerned about maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, reach for Formula CR II. Nature`s Sunshine has put together an amazing formula of natural ingredients that offer wonderful potential for those concerned with promoting heart health and mai  Product Details...


Garlic- High Potency

High-Potency Garlic contains the dietary virtues of garlic, which are well known the world over. The only problem with getting garlic into the diet has always been the distinct odor it leaves on the breath. Nature’s Sunshine offers you the finest and mo  Product Details...


Ginkgo & Hawthorn

This combination is known as a heart tonic. Ginkgo biloba enhances circulation by opening capillaries and reducing swelling. Hawthorn is famous for nutritionally supporting the heart and helping regulate its beating action.   Product Details...


Ginkgo Biloba Slow Release

Ginkgo is the most widely prescribed medication in Europe, often for problems related to poor circulation. Widely known as the smart herb of our time, it aids in mental functioning. Ginkgo increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, heart and all parts  Product Details...



GlucoReg provides nutrients that may help support the body`s efforts to regulate blood sugar levels. Only Nature`s Sunshine offers this unique combination that works naturally to promote healthy blood sugar levels while providing antioxidant and protecti  Product Details...


Gotu Kola

Gotu kola has been used in India and China for thousands of years. Its traditional uses are to support mental acuity, rejuvenate the brain, sharpen thinking, and enhance memory. Gotu kola has been cited in Indian sources for its ability to enhance intelli  Product Details...


Grapine-High Potency

High Potency Grapine contains proanthocyanidins derived from grape seed and the bark of a select pine tree. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are considered a highly bioavailable water-soluble class of flavonoids with unparalleled antioxidant activity. PACs have  Product Details...


Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract contains catechins, powerful antioxidants that are 200 times stronger than vitamin E at neutralizing free radicals—molecules that attack lipids in the brain and other tissues. Green tea also possesses antimicrobial properties (immune sys  Product Details...



Hawthorn is known as the heart herb for its many benefits as a heart tonic. Hawthorn berries are a rich source of anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins, powerful antioxidants that have been shown to increase intracellular levels of vitamin C, prevent coll  Product Details...



HS-C is a tonic for the heart, nerves and glands. It normalizes mental functions, increases circulation, improves digestion, relieves depression and quickens the body`s response to stress. In gereral it aids in healing weakness from chronic nerve dysfun  Product Details...



This formula combines herbs that are a source of natural iron with additional elements needed to enhance the absorption of iron. Also a good source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, silicon and zinc.  Product Details...


Iron with Vit. C

This iron supplement contains vitamin C which is essential for the absorption of iron. It is estimated that iron deficiencies are the most prevalent deficiencies affecting human populations today. Many Western health authorities encourage their female po  Product Details...



Lecithin is a fat-like substance produced daily by the liver when receiving a balanced diet. It is needed by every cell in the body and makes up the greater part of cell membranes. Without it, the cells would harden. Lecithin also protects cells from oxid  Product Details...


Liquid B12 Plus

The B vitamins offer many health benefits and influence the health of most of the internal organs of the body. They help promote energy, maintain the nervous system, improve immune functions and buffer the effects of stress. Vitamin B12 supplements may b  Product Details...



Known as the anti-stress mineral, magnesium is gaining popularity for its ability to aid in the prevention of cardiovascular problems; for its calming effect on the nervous system; for the prevention of muscle tremors; and for aid in the working of the bo  Product Details...



This is one of the most exciting synergistic supplements on the market today. This combination of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, lipotropic factors, and its specially formulated base is designed to strengthen the arteries, veins and capillaries, and  Product Details...


Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract specifically enhances the immune system with its powerful neutralizing constituents, without harming beneficial bacteria. Olive Leaf Extract disrupts the growth of bacteria and viruses and also stimulates the activity of important cell  Product Details...


Oregon Grape

Oregon grape is also known as mountain grape or holly-leaved barberry. It supports primarily the digestive and circulatory systems. The plant contains the alkaloid, berbine, which is also found in golden seal. It also contains oxycanthine and columbine.  Product Details...


Pantothenic Acid

This B vitamin is known as the antistress vitamin. Panthothenic acid can improve mental processes and help treat anxiety and depression. It can lower both cholesterol and triglycerides. Because the brain contains one of the highest concentration of pantot  Product Details...


Perfect Eyes

Our eyes are constantly exposed to sunlight and artificial lighting which produce free radicals that can damage cells. After middle age, our natural antioxidant production decreases, and the protective pigments in our eyes change. Perfect Eyes gives your  Product Details...


Red Clover

Red Clover is a nutritive and alterative herb frequently used as a cleanser and for prevention. It nutritionally supports the circulatory system. It purifies the blood and lymph, alkalinizes the body, fights several bacteria, and alleviates skin problem  Product Details...


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