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Chicken Soup - Great Cold and Flu Remedy PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever been nursed through a cold or flu with a steaming bowl of chicken soup?  The remedy is so strongly associated with Jewish grandmothers that it has earned the nickname "Jewish penicillin".  Moses Maimonides, back in the 12th century first recommended chicken soup for cold and flu sufferers.

Scientific literature across the globe agrees that chicken soup is packed with good stuff.  While it simmers, chicken releases into the broth the amino acid cysteine which, like the drug acetylcysteine prescribed for bronchitis and other respiratory ailments, reduces the build-up of mucus and helps you breathe easier.

A study by the National University of Singapore found that chicken soup is also good for a health heart.  When laboratory rats bred to develop high blood pressure were fed mass-produced, over-the-counter chicken stock (not even homemade!), researchers found that, over the course of a year, the rat’s heart swelling was reduced by 40 - 50%. 

Scientists believe a type of protein known as a peptide is the secret ingredient.  Just about all meats contain peptides, yet only peptide from chickens made human blood vessels healthier.  Peptides from other meats, such as pork or beef were also tested, but they had no effect.

Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties.  Coughing and congestion, common symptoms of colds and flu, are the result of inflammation produced by white blood cells known as neutrophils that pile up in the bronchial tubes.

To boost your chicken soup’s antiviral and antibacterial properties, try adding garlic.  Also, adding pepper (which contains capsaicin) works like cough medicine, suppressing coughs and reduces mucus.

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