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Iridology - What is its Purpose? PDF Print E-mail

The Iris of the eye reveals the structural defects, latent toxins settlements, inherent weaknesses, and the activity of the organs of the body.  It indicates the presence and the source of acids, catarrh, prolapses, anemia, nerve tension, and other abnormalities.  Such conditions as toxemia, glandular imbalance, drug poisoning, etc. are identified.  Chemical imbalance, miasma, congestion, and the power of recovery, all show in the Iris.

The purpose of Iridology is to determine the location of inflammation, the stage of inflammation, how it was caused, and the steps necessary to overcome it.  The stages of inflammation in a specific area of the body are determined by the colour changes in the corresponding specific area of the iris.  Iris Analysis enables us to determine whether a person is improving and is following instructions.  We know whether or not healing is being accomplished by the procedures being used.  Doctor Jensen says, "There are no incurable conditions, but there are incurable people."

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