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Vitamin D - The Heart of the Matter PDF Print E-mail

The Pharmacists’ NHP (Natural Health Products) Symposium - A Day for Natural Learners

Presenter:  Farid Wassef, pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist

Presenter Farid Wassef laid out the bottom-line for symposium attendees from the start:  practically every Canadian has an insufficient level of vitamin D.  The pharmacist and nutritionist pointed to studies showing between 68 - 97% of Canadians have inadequate vitamin D levels (< 80 nmol/L).  Severe cases of deficiency can have serious cardiovascular consequences, such as sudden cardiac death, heart failure and coronary artery calcification.

Wassef explained that while vitamin D can be obtained naturally through sun exposure, sunlight in Canada is only potent enough for up to six months per year.  Thus, to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D, he recommends a diet that includes regular servings of salmon, milk and eggs.  Furthermore, he pointed to research associating vitamin D supplement intake of between 300 - 2000IU with decreases in mortality rates.


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