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02/04/10 How Long Can You Go Without Food or Water?
02/04/10 Alarming - Use of Prescription Painkillers
02/04/10 Quitting Can Help Boost Survival For Sick Smokers
02/04/10 Know Your Salt Numbers
01/22/10 New Findings on Fracture Risk
01/22/10 H1N1
01/21/10 Incidence of Autism in Children Increases
01/21/10 Drug Kickbacks Alleged
01/21/10 SAD in Winter? You Need a Cat
01/07/10 Pot-Smoking Teens Risk Brain Damage
01/07/10 Stay Safe - Avoid Common Traps
01/07/10 Regulate Trans Fats, Heart, Stroke Group Urges
12/24/09 Believe It or Not
10/16/09 Acetaminophen/Dangers
10/16/09 Fungal Notes
10/01/09 Study Results Frequently Misleading: Researcher
08/27/09 Bundle of Joy vs. Chew Toy
08/27/09 Open All Night - Texting Teens Give Up On Sleep, Except In The Classroom
08/21/09 To-Do List Cuts Surgical Errors
08/14/09 Women - Lose Weight with Fewer Carbs, More Muscle
08/14/09 Strengthen Your Core Muscles to Improve Balance and Stability
08/14/09 Too Much Iron May Raise Risk of Parkinson's
08/13/09 Get More Sleep to Improve Your Immunity and Heart Health
08/13/09 Eating Quickly and Until Full Puts on Pounds
08/13/09 Know the Signs of a Mini-Stroke
07/23/09 Symptoms of Dehydration
06/12/09 Meth Facts
06/05/09 Healthy Living Quiz - Question No. 2
06/05/09 Healthy Living Nutrition Quiz
06/04/09 Sunscreens
05/29/09 German States Ban Red Bull After Discovery of Cocaine in the Drink
05/29/09 Fall Flu Season Could Be More Intense in N.S. Due To H1N1
05/15/09 Dangerous Cholesterol Myths
04/30/09 Human Swine Flu
04/17/09 Superbugs Winning Battle
04/17/09 Dangers Lurk In Lowly Toothbrush
04/17/09 Respect Your "Good Fat" - It Helps You Lose Weight
04/13/09 Reactions To Drugs Increasing
04/02/09 Prescription For Confusion
02/26/09 You Won't Raise Your Glasses To This, Ladies
02/19/09 Head Trauma Caused Benoit To Kill, Report Says
02/19/09 Cancer Patients In A Bind Over Drugs
02/13/09 Forgetfulness Just As Tough On Parents As The Kids
02/13/09 Poison Prevention
02/13/09 Pulse May Help Predict Women's Heart-Attack Risk
02/13/09 Eat Your Colours
02/05/09 Poo-Phoria
01/22/09 Super Omega 3
01/16/09 Flouride Lowers IQ in Kids: Activists
01/16/09 Quick Action is Key to Surviving Stroke
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