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01/28/05 Thinking about sex improves memory.
01/26/05 Laptops cook sperm.
01/21/05 Flavonoids found to prevent dementia.
01/18/05 Forgetfulness may be caused by stress.
01/11/05 Tight neck, tie can lead to health problems.
01/05/05 Tahitian Noni Update - For Horses Too!
01/05/05 Tahitian Noni Update - What Medical Doctors Say
01/05/05 Vioxx data to be published.
12/30/04 Parents sue maker of Children's Motrin.
12/29/04 Benefits of chewing gum.
12/22/04 Lemon balm boosts memory.
12/10/04 Eating fish may save your life.
12/06/04 Low self-esteem, stress shorten life.
12/06/04 Avoid the Flu : Wash Your Hands!
11/26/04 Fight the flu without a vaccine.
11/25/04 Alarm raised over airlines' water purity.
11/25/04 Get your eyes checked and keep safe.
11/10/04 Seafood warning.
11/09/04 The benefits of plants.
10/12/04 Hog barn exposure risky.
10/08/04 Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Co-Q10
10/04/04 Pet Hazard
10/01/04 Raise a glass to new benefits of red wine.
10/01/04 Drug RECALL
09/27/04 Heart problems
09/23/04 Cellphone problem.
09/23/04 Diary-keepers more likely to feel bad.
09/17/04 Can dogs really drive?
09/15/04 When to take Chlorophyllin
09/14/04 Common prostate cancer test under fire
09/09/04 The Importance of Cleansing
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