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02/02/06 Researchers, industry too cozy: Suzuki.
01/25/06 Mental tricks to cut your food cravings.
01/20/06 Recognizing a stroke.
01/17/06 Vitamin D level in pregnancy affects child's bone mass: study.
01/11/06 The safest stall in any public restroom.
01/04/06 Family health history.
12/21/05 Is there any benefit from using antibacterial soaps?
12/15/05 Canadians leave a mighty big footprint on the globe.
12/13/05 Drug costs put health spending at all-time high.
11/28/05 FLU MEDICATION'S SAFETY - Tamiflu reviewed after children's deaths in Japan.
11/25/05 Researchers sound warning about link between BSE, milk.
11/16/05 Researcher speaks out against cosy bonds between medical community, drug marketers.
11/10/05 Energy drinks hot; are they healthy?
10/26/05 Windshield wiper fluid finds way in as toxic vapour.
10/21/05 A viral fiend that can foil vaccines.
10/13/05 Antibiotic may cause tooth defects.
10/04/05 Flu pandemic could kill 50,000.
09/26/05 Tips to help you decipher medical news.
09/15/05 Laugh hard and laugh often.
09/08/05 Probiotics - Good for everyone.
09/02/05 The B Team.
08/25/05 Maintain healthy blood pressure levels naturally.
08/15/05 STRESS - Have your batteries (The Adrenals) run down?
08/12/05 Are your prescription drugs making you sick without you realizing it?
07/13/05 Parkinson's drug blamed.
07/12/05 Curries offer protection from skin cancer.
07/05/05 Healthy Sex.
06/27/05 Daily Survival Kit.
06/21/05 Onions - Nutritional Super-Food.
06/07/05 Measures of immunity.
06/03/05 Listen carefully: Blasting music takes its toll on your hearing.
05/31/05 Tumour risk increased.
05/18/05 Obesity hormone implicated in Osteoarthritis.
05/09/05 Can you trust your mammogram?
05/06/05 Mother's diet may hold key to daughter's future health.
05/03/05 Cholesterol-lowering drug may affect cognitive function.
04/29/05 Viagra use may bring on vision loss.
04/26/05 Radiation threat.
04/20/05 Superbug takes toll.
04/08/05 "Atypical" Heart Attack Symptoms.
04/06/05 Canada's Health Warning on Statins.
04/01/05 The link between diabetes and heart disease.
03/30/05 The dangers of cholesterol-free foods.
03/23/05 Don't let stress ruin your brain.
03/04/05 Cold Weather and cholesterol levels.
02/22/05 The Arthritis Epidemic.
02/17/05 IKEA shoppers hospitalized.
02/10/05 ADHD Drug Alert.
02/03/05 Instant aging - Drivers and Cellphones.
02/02/05 Senior's Drug Alert.
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