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Date Item Title
08/10/07 A Stroke is a Brain Attack - Recognize the Signs
08/10/07 Gourmet Coffee/Tea Makeover
08/10/07 Weight Contagious?
08/10/07 Diet Pop Gets Bad Rap
08/03/07 Ten More Cases of Fungal Infection
08/03/07 Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
11/16/06 The Checkup That Can Save Your LIfe!
11/14/06 Rare Risk To Flu Vaccine
11/02/06 Doctor questions effectiveness of flu vaccine
10/24/06 Israel Halts Flu Shot
09/27/06 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- When Work Becomes a Pain
09/15/06 The Dairy Diet Debate Still Churns
09/14/06 That's No Red Bull: Cavities in a Can
09/14/06 Sick Building or Lousy Job?
09/13/06 Having Surgery?
09/08/06 Fat Facts
08/24/06 Simply Don't Drink If You're Pregnant
08/21/06 Ultrasound Scans Can Affect Fetal Brain: Study
08/17/06 Try Natural Ways To Ease The Pain of Osteoarthritis
08/11/06 Hospital Infections
08/11/06 Deafness risk of iPods outlined
08/09/06 Danger of X-rays Highlighted
08/04/06 Fibre is your friend, boys and girls
07/26/06 Super Foods
07/21/06 A Bias That Kills
07/17/06 Cancer Update
06/26/06 Think hard before drugging your kids.
06/15/06 Fungal infection or bacterial infection?
05/30/06 Careful, lobster lovers.
05/16/06 Poodle who visited hospitals carrying C. difficile bacteria.
05/16/06 New weapon in osteoporosis war.
05/11/06 Drug spending skyrockets.
05/11/06 Beware of blastomycosis.
05/08/06 Flu prevention checklist.
04/26/06 Magnesium and unsung hero in the body.
04/19/06 Limiting carbohydrate absorption.
04/12/06 Sleeping pills.
04/05/06 Battling bulge one cookie at a time.
03/30/06 Anger: not all bad.
03/17/06 Pepper ingredient makes prostate cancer cells die.
03/15/06 Antibiotics for babies linked to asthma.
03/08/06 Walking and dementia.
03/01/06 U of M prof studies herbal remedies -- Looks for ways to prevent heart disease.
02/23/06 What is Flouride?
02/21/06 Trans Fat Danger in Hospitals.
02/17/06 Birth-Control Patch Users Face Clot Risk.
02/16/06 EPA moves to ban cookware chemicals.
02/14/06 Clot-busting drugs a risk, research suggests.
02/13/06 What does the "French Paradox" refer to?
02/02/06 Tall diabetics at more risk.
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