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Date Item Title
02/11/08 Paycheque Mirrors Waistline
02/11/08 Homework Blasted for Younger Kids
02/08/08 Cranky Babies to Be Star Students?
02/08/08 Anti-Aging
02/08/08 Death Accidental
02/08/08 The Sunshine Vitamin
02/07/08 Sleep-Studies Produce Some Eye-Opening Facts
02/01/08 New FDA Rules Require Suicide Studies in Company Drug Trials
01/04/08 Marketing Trumps Research
01/04/08 Gripe Water Recalled
12/20/07 Caution Raised Over Diabetes Medication
12/13/07 Eco Fast Fact
12/13/07 Mumps Vaccine Stopped
12/07/07 Dark Toast Latest Food Fright
11/30/07 Magnesium - An Unsung Hero in the Body
11/30/07 Energy Drinks Hot: Are They Healthy?
11/22/07 Hang Up Cellphones
11/20/07 Think Hard Before Drugging Your Kids
11/19/07 Clot-Busting Drugs a Risk, Research Suggests
11/19/07 New Weapon in Osteoporosis War
11/15/07 What is an Herb?
11/15/07 Pepper Ingredient Makes Prostate Cancer Cells Die
11/15/07 Poodle Who Visited Hospitals Carrying C.difficile Bacteria
11/12/07 Flu Prevention Checklist
11/12/07 Twenty-One Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Pharmacist About Your Prescription
11/12/07 Superbugs in City Hosptials
11/12/07 Kids Cold Remedies Have Never Been Tested
10/26/07 Galling Habits Bug Co-Workers
10/26/07 Folic Acid Helps Reduce Birth Defects
10/26/07 A Corny Killer
10/01/07 Easy to Buy Meds: Findings
10/01/07 Children at Risk of Liver Disease
09/28/07 "What's Bugging You"
09/28/07 C. DIFFICILE INFECTION Symptom-Free Patients Spread Bug
09/28/07 Java Brews Up Trouble For Addicts
09/28/07 Boomer's Guide to Treating Overuse Injuries
09/28/07 Workers Getting Energy Fix From Coffee, Snacks: Poll
09/05/07 Understanding Healing Events
09/05/07 Genes Help Explain Former Smoker's Lung Cancer
08/31/07 Health Literacy Linked to Well-Being
08/23/07 Fluroide Treatment for Teeth Carries Other Health Risks
08/23/07 Olive Oil
08/23/07 Multilingualism May Delay Onset of Dementia
08/23/07 Bowel Facts
08/10/07 Consumers Warned about XOX For Men
08/10/07 Sprout Warning issued by Ottawa
08/10/07 Some Antidepressants Boost Fractrure Risk
08/10/07 Bacterial Infections Gaining Ground
08/10/07 Varicose Veins Are Treatable Problem
08/10/07 Litte Less Salt Could Bring Big Savings
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