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07/04/08 Questionable Tests Can Mean Excessive Radiation
06/26/08 Hidden Dangers - Unexpected Benefits
06/26/08 More Than a Bite . . . .
06/26/08 Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer
06/26/08 HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Linked to Increase in Throat Cancer
06/26/08 Some Germs Do You Good
06/26/08 Fluroide in Toothpaste - Do You Read the Warning Label?
06/20/08 Multiple Supplement Users in Better Health, Less Disease, Says Study
06/20/08 Acid Indigestion May Mean Not Enough Enzymes
06/20/08 Listen To Your Gut . . . .
06/20/08 Yellow Pigment Is A Potent Antioxidant
06/20/08 Do Vitamins Extend Lifespan?
06/20/08 Hippocrates Said . . . . .
06/20/08 No Time For Exercise?
06/20/08 Extracts From Purple Berries Promote Weight Loss
06/20/08 The Dirty Dozen
06/20/08 Fast Food Diet Can Damage Liver, New Study Finds
06/20/08 Cancer Facts
06/20/08 Hand Washing Best Prevention
06/20/08 Common Cold Meets Its Match In Ancient Herb
06/13/08 Study Links Belly Fat to Dementia
06/13/08 Periodontal Disease
05/22/08 What's In A Number? (Sun Protection Factor - SPF)
05/09/08 Fat Kids May Be At Risk Of Early Heart Attacks
05/08/08 Breastfeeding Helps Brain
05/08/08 Ritalin Linked to Heart Problems
05/01/08 Bone Drug Linked to Stroke Risk
04/18/08 Flu Vaccine Useless Versus Main B Virus
04/18/08 Drug Data Manipulated?
04/17/08 Major Retailers Recall Plastic Bottles
04/11/08 If Heart Skips Beat, Eat a Little Chocolate
04/10/08 An Apple a Day . . . Slays the Silent Killer
03/28/08 New Superbug Can Make Healthy People Very Sick
03/28/08 Doctors Rely Too Much On Drug Firms: Journal
03/27/08 Fat Lifestyle Causing Heart-Attack Crisis
03/27/08 Burns, Skin Irritation Spur Muscle-Pain Patch Recall
03/06/08 Salt
03/05/08 Medical Error Causes Senior Years of Pain
02/26/08 Study Finds Many Seniors Live in Pain
02/26/08 Canadians Eating Too Much Salt: Experts
02/26/08 A Kitty's the Ticket to a Ticker That Purrs
02/25/08 Bypass Medicine Linked to Deaths
02/25/08 Reading Every Day Can Keep You Healthy
02/25/08 "Super Obese" Patients On the Rise Across Canada
02/21/08 Exercise Among Things to Try in Effort to Reduce Cholesterol
02/21/08 Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Harm More Than Help
02/14/08 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Cut Cardiac Risk
02/11/08 Vitamin D Level in Pregnancy Affects Child's Bone Mass: Study
02/11/08 U of M Prof Studies Herbal Remedies
02/11/08 Antiboitics for Babies Linked to Asthma
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